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adapting non-fiction for a multi-modal future

Are you a Female South Asian nonfiction writer/journalist who's interested

in new media formats?

Do you have a mountain of source material that is going

nowhere beyond the one article?

Does your work focus on culture, technology, gender & identity?

What is it?

A 5 day Virtual LAB focussed on expanding your nonfiction/long form reportage piece into a specific new media outcome like, but not limited to, film, series, podcast and new media.

GROW lab is designed with a mix of Masterclasses & Peer Review sessions for 8 applicants from South Asia, culminating into a story proposal & a real-time pitching opportunity with the potential for story development & IP expansion


Prachi · Diya Gupta · Harman Khurana ·  Rohini Kejriwal ·
Swati Narayan · Sam PC · Menaka Rao


Kanishka Gupta · Anisha Chandy · Deepti Datt ·
Alison Norrington · Samyukta Varma & Radhika Vishwanathan · Ayesha Ninan · Suhail Mathur · Mathivanan R · Cauvery Rajgopal · Celine Loop · Koreel Lahiri · Neha Mathews · Kavita · Rakshita Swami 

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