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a design sprint for knowledge creators

We think of every knowledge creator as a startup, only better. 

Who is a a knowledge creator?
Let us give you a sense: an Academic constructing a virtual museum on Instagram, an AI influencer debating big tech on Substack, two writers building a Wellness Podcast, a Tech startup amplifying creators in the metaverse, a music aficionado creating a music community, a historian retelling events through graphic novels. Phew.

This design sprint was for creators building bold & original media around topics which they believe had a growing audience and a strong impact on the world.


What do participants get?

We're an accelerator.
We want to help you build a viable business as a creator by growing your audience, developing strong IP and multimodal expressions, collaborations with artists, specialised mentorship, finding the right financial partnership and creating a strong social impact with your knowledge.


Nivedita (Women of Cinema) · Hina Siddiqui · Shikha Gupta · Nayantara Surendranath · Niren Bhavanani · Aakash Dhingra  


Aneesh Sivakumar · Sharavana Raghavan

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