Creator Rooms~

2022Women & Identity

A space for South Asian writers to expand on ideas & develop true stories.

Program — 

Our theme this year,  Women & Identity dictates the urgency to lend powerful writing voices to stories & set the stage for developing films & series that become conversation starters, and game changers. We aim to re-frame the lens through which narratives around gender identity will be told and disseminated to audiences in India and South Asia. The theme changes annually.


Process —

An open call invites promising & experienced writing talent to screenwrite & develop curated stories offered by creator [rooms] + content partners. Producing & industry partners are secured early on to champion the project. 

Creator [rooms] are closely guarded spaces offering writers - time, direction and mentorship to expand the IP of a story into a film or series over 3 months. 

Every project curated for the Feature & Series[rooms] will be developed as part of a writer’s room that will be set up keeping in mind the specific needs of the project.  

This year the feature & series room invite 6 projects.

Open For —


Writers, writer teams and directors in early to late stages of development. Peer-guided interactions and consultations with industry advisors will enable and support writers to push their projects to advanced stages of development. With women & identity as a guiding theme we especially encourage sustainability, diversity and freshness of story in all applications.


Outcome —

A production-ready screenplay with producing partners attached will seek full commissioning from industry partners with continued development support from the creator [rooms]. 


🤿 Thinkin’[room]

Open for creators whose projects are at the idea stage and are inspired from source material namely books, songs, journalistic pieces and plays. 


Edition 1.0 of the Thinkin’[rooms] welcomes 10 Indian creators who will expand on ideas inspired from journalistic pieces over a 2-day workshop designed to support thematic expansion of ideas for further development. 

Process —

Over a 2-day workshop creators will unlock the narrative strength of the source material they bring to the table. 

Outcome —


Unlock your story potential, develop memorable characters and give your narrative a sense of direction. Over two days of brainstorming sessions with industry advisors and a guided peer-driven experience you will get to expand on the source material (news pieces) that inspires you. 


Creators who are part of the thinkin’[room] are encouraged to apply & receive priority consideration to access the long format film & series[rooms]. 


Cycle — 

Once in two months / 60 days cycle

Selection —

Writers (promising & experienced) will be encouraged to share a detailed note on the piece they submit for development in an audio-visual format. We’d love to hear why you feel inspired and why the world needs to hear this story.


We will also need you to write your idea visually in the format of a 1 page synopsis. 


Where & when 

All creator[rooms] will be held in person unless we are otherwise forced to organize distanced or virtual sessions owing to unavoidable natural / man-made occurrences.

⚓️ Series[room]

Open for writers from South Asia with series projects in early stages of development. We invite episodic content that encapsulates our annual theme. Writer’s will go through a 3-5 month long intensive development program by being part of writer’s rooms and an opportunity to work with a showrunner to steer their project. 

Who’s it for?

The room is open to writers & directors from South Asia, who may have worked on a minimum of 1 OR a maximum of 3 shows. The room is open to creators whose projects are at early stages of development and focus on the above mentioned overarching theme.

What can you expect?

Over 3-5 months of ongoing development support, creators will advance from proposal to pilot, professional pitch deck, and verbal pitch preparation - which will then be presented to our partners and stakeholders.

A custom Writers’ room where selected writers will be given curated stories, development support & mentorship to arrive at fully adapted screenplays. 

Segment 1

Writers will workshop with peers with the support of industry advisors to sharpen their season & episodic arcs, develop strong and layered characters, produce a pitch-ready pilot and series bible. We will provide research partners and marketing support to each writers’ room to produce a pitch-ready series bible. 

Segment 2

Our showrunners’ program is attached to the series [room] in its advanced stages with the intention that the showrunner will manage the writers’ room through its final stages & prepare the next steps in alignment with the core writing team attached to each project. Our showrunners’ program offers industry contacts, network and mentorship to empower showrunners to get the series off the ground.


Cycle — Annually

🎢 Feature[room]

Open for Indian writers with scripted or unscripted feature film projects at advanced stages of development; the Feature[room] is a two-month long program designed for promising talents. Writers will receive support from industry advisors, producers, leading faces of the trade and an opportunity to work intensively on developing their projects.


The feature [room] invites producers from our producing program to network & explore collaborations. 


Cycle — Annually

🏃🏽‍♀️  Showrunners[room]

Why do we need a separate program on showrunning?

The content explosion & diversity on streaming platforms dictates the demand for showrunners who can uphold and protect the creative vision of the series while respecting business discretion, shape boundaries to align the creatives with the market strategists & to produce (fiction & factual Narratives) Original, Meaningful, Bold series that carry impact naturally in their core narratives. 


Program Goal & Design —

Led by industry advisors with incredible showrunning experience & industry partners who are keen to work with a new generation of creative and producing minds - the showrunners[room] is open for South Asian writers, producers and aspiring showrunners. The program is attached to align with the series [room]. 

Showrunners get to mount a series at the end of their program by attaching their expertise to the projects in the series[room]. Participating teams can mutually decide to work together to create or co-create, write or co-develop & ultimately showrun a series. 

# The showrunner & writers need to partner mutually and the program leaves the decision to partner to their mutual discretion. No collaboration or partnership is enforced within the construct of creator [rooms].

Cycle Twice a Year

Outcome —

  • The workshop is divided into two segments - Segment 1 covers the fundamentals of a showrunners’ key roles, responsibilities. This segment is an eye opener about expectations from a showrunner, understanding staffing & management of a writers’ room & overcoming business challenges in producing a series.

  • Segment 2 attaches itself to our Series Room where Show-runners will work with writers who are shaping a series for platforms/ streamers.

  • The outcome of both segments is directed towards the Writers polishing the advanced draft of the pilot with a show-runner attached.

  • Show-running participants will be assigned to the writers’ room that is polishing their pilots for pitching to our foundational and principal PROGRAM PARTNERS.

Curriculum Design | Showrunners’ Program

Segment 1 | Program coverage

  • What does a showrunner do? What is expected? Defining the role of the Showrunner.

  • interviews & case studies with industry advisors & showrunners

  • series writing process

  • Team & Schedule Management

  • Management of writers’ room & staffing

  • How to share your notes on a series script

  • Production - issues, boundaries, maximizing value of production

  • Casting

  • Logistics

  • Budget

Segment 2 | Program coverage

  • Showrunning your Series

  • Activities - individual & group

  • Peer to Peer support group, brainstorming & interaction with industry peers outside of the workshop

  • Getting the pilot to completion

  • Getting a series off the Ground

  • PR & Marketing

  • Business Affairs & Legal

  • What does a Show-runner do to keep the content going?

  • Legal / Acquisition / Distribution Strategy

  • Post-producing