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20th- 23rd 

August 2024, Goa



20th- 23rd 

August 2024, Goa




Who is Producing as the Next Step for?

Producing as the Next Step is for creative professionals who have at least 5 years of experience in their fields. Producers must be available for all sessions on-site in Goa. 



Is Producing as the Next Step only for aspiring producers looking to produce Hindi/ English content?

Absolutely not! Our modules are designed for all film and series industries across regions.

We invite applicants from all over India to be a part of the ambitious cohort of Producing as the Next Step



Are there any scholarships for Producing as the Next Step?

Keeping in mind the paying capacity of our participants, ProducerLAND programs are designed to run at cost.

As of now, we are unable to provide any scholarships for our programs. 



Do I have to attend all the sessions of the Program?

Yes, please plan to attend all sessions during the Program. We ensure that all our programs are tailor made for our participants and hence, all sessions are important!


Will the Program fee cover my travel and food costs?
Please note that the Program fee does not travel to and from Goa. We will provide breakfast and lunch but

will not be able to provide dinner on Program days.

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