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FAQ for Pitch Perfect

Who is Pitch Perfect for?


Pitch Perfect is for Producers who have at least one short or long form producing credit. Applicants must have an active project at any stage of Development or Production and must be available to attend all sessions of the online program.

Is Pitch Perfect only for Producers working in Hindi language?


On the contrary! We invite applicants from all over India and South Asia to be a part of the ambitious cohort of Pitch Perfect.

Are there any scholarships for Pitch Perfect?


As of now, our production and overhead costs do not allow us to subsidize our programmes or provide scholarships. We will update our information if this changes in the future.

Do I have to attend all the sessions of the online workshop?


Yes, please plan to attend all sessions during the workshop. We ensure that all our  programmes are tailor made for our participants and hence, no session is unimportant!

I am not available on the dates of the program. Can I get a recording of the session?


Participants are required to attend all online sessions live as the programme involves group sessions, discussions and feedback

Reach out to Deepthi Pendurty at for any questions and queries

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