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This December, IM/IM is looking to showcase an immersive and impactful experience that provokes reflections on the human experience. If you have created work that delves into themes of identity, emotion, connection, isolation, vulnerability, resilience or transformation, we’d like to hear from you. We are also looking for works that are socially conscious and engage with stories from diverse identities and lived experiences. 


IM/IM is looking for works that:


  1. Provoke reflection on all aspects of the human experience, including but not limited to themes of gender and identity, climate action, digital rights,  etc 

  2. Are relevant and relatable to a diverse audience based in Goa.

  3. Have the ability to engage with an audience of at least 50 people, individually or collectively.


The immersive projects should fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Immersive Theater/Performance 

  • Immersive Food Experiences

  • Mixed Reality (MR)

  • 360° Video Experiences

  • Projection Mapping 

  • Interactive Spatial Installations

  • XR Storytelling


The selected candidate will receive financial support of upto 1.5 Lakhs to execute their project in a location based in Goa. 


If you’ve designed and premiered an experience that fits this description then send us your application before 29th September, 2023. 

  • What is the selection process?
    Shortlist: 3 candidates will be shortlisted by the team at IM/IM for an interview by 29th September. Interview: Interviews will be conducted online in the last week of September/ first week of October, 2023. Selection: One candidate will be selected from those interviewed. The selected candidate will be notified by 5th October, 2023
  • What am I required to submit as part of my application?
    Project Title Brief Description of your project (250 words max) Project Format and key elements Quality Assurance Links to Demo/Documentation (if available) Links to past work Budget sheet in an excel format Team/Individual Bio(s) Contact Information
  • Am I allowed to submit projects that are still in development?
    As we are looking to host an experience by the end of November, we are currently looking for projects that are finished and have been premiered at least once. However if your project is in its final stages of development or has been rehearsed, we would still love to hear from you.
  • How much financial support is offered and how is it allocated?
    IM/IM is offering upto 1.5 lakhs towards showcasing one project. This amount includes all production, personnel, technical and equipment requirements and costs. We recommend the candidate submit a budget in an excel format with all costs mentioned.
  • Will IM/IM offer production support?
    IM/IM will not be able to offer production support. However, IM/IM will support the candidate with marketing the experience, finding an appropriate venue, as well as offer access to inhouse expertise and mentorship in media production, if required.
  • Where will this experience take place?
    We are looking to host this experience in Goa. An appropriate venue for the experience will be selected in consultation with the candidate and their project.
  • Who can I contact for further questions?
    If you have any further questions, you can email
  • What is the eligibility criteria?
    Works submitted should be finished projects, premiered at least once and not older than 2 years. Individual artists, artist collectives and design studios may apply. We are only accepting applications from artists, collectives and studios based and native to South Asia.
  • When is the IM/IM experience being scheduled for?
    The showcase will be scheduled anytime in the last week of November and the first week of December, 2023 - and will be decided in consultation with the selected candidate.
  • If I am a student and have no credits as a screenwriter, can I still apply?
    We strongly encourage everyone applying to have at least one screenwriter credit on a short film/film/series that has been produced independently or otherwise. The program at the moment is looking for writing professionals and not students. We also highly recommend all writers to be registered with the SWA or an equivalent association.
  • Is the program only meant for female screenwriters?
    Creator[rooms] is an inclusive space and we encourage all South Asian writers to apply irrespective of the gender/identity they associate with.
  • What do I need before I begin my application process?
    The Creator[rooms] submission process does not require writers to send us screenplay drafts or pitches. Creator[rooms] will review writers based on their vision of expanding a source material (e.g- an article, book, play, artwork et al). Before you begin your application make sure you have identified a source material that you see potential in for expanding into the formats of film or series. You mayor may not have rights to the said source material. Make sure you read the Guidelines carefully before filling the application. Submissions that skip mandatory guidelines may not be accepted/read.
  • Why do I need a source material?
    Creator[rooms] as a development program seeks to shape stories based on an existing piece of literature, art or reportage. We believe in the power of adaptations and are looking for writers who understand the nuances and nitty gritties of adapting existing material into a longer audio-visual format. The source material you pick during the application process may not be developed through the course of the writers’ room. Your vision for the source material is only to understand your voice as a writer better.
  • Can I apply with my own project?
    This year you will be unable to apply with a project of your own. Creator[rooms] is a program that catalyses partnership between the story & writer, story & producer and aims for the final story-writer-producer fit so that the project is pushed to advanced stages of development with a writer-producer team. The application invites screenwriters who are willing to partner with a producer and apply for the program by going through the selection process. Once a writer is selected they are expected to work on a curated story idea identified by creator [rooms].
  • Can you specify the eligibility criteria? Is there an Age requirement?
    . Writers, writing teams and directors are welcome to apply. 2. Solo as well as writing teams (of a maximum of 3 members) are encouraged to apply. 3. Writers must be citizens or originally of South Asian descent. 4. Past credit on a film/TV show is preferred but not mandatory. 5. Applicants should be above 18 years of age.
  • On what basis will the screenwriters be selected?
    Screenwriters will be reviewed on the basis of their past work. Please provide a single link for all work samples. This can be your website, portfolio or even a google drive folder. This is to ensure that we don't miss out on any of your work samples. For teams, please provide collated work samples for each member, as applicable. We are also keen on reading any collaborative work done in the past. Writers can submit spec/commissioned screenplays, pitch bibles, concept notes and links to audio-visual material written by you.
  • When will I find out about selection?
    Presently, the submission closes at 00.00 hrs on 1 August 2022. If there is an extended deadline, we will update it here and on our website and social media handles. You will also receive an email confirmation on the status of your application.
  • What happens after I am selected?
    Selected screenwriters’ will be offered standardized commissions to write and develop the project at creator[rooms]. Under the purview of the program, producers involved on each project will offer commissions that allow the writer to work on the project. The writer may choose to take up the offer or refuse.
  • If I don't make it to the program, can you give me notes or feedback?
    Owing to the number of applications we may receive we will only be able to share an email confirming the status of your application. Reasons for declining your submission this year unfortunately will not be provided.
  • Will I be evaluated on the basis of my source material?
    No, you will not be evaluated on the basis of your source material but on how you envision the visual treatment, story arc and character development derived from it. However, it is pertinent that your source material belongs to the theme of Women & Identity.
  • Applications from the following eligible South Asian countries will be considered -
    India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives.
  • Who will be responsible for attaching a producing partner?
    Creator[rooms] is responsible for finding a producing partner. If you as a writer are backed by a Producer, please write to us.
  • Do I have a say in selecting a curated idea which I will be expected to onboard as a writer?
    Creator[rooms] is a program that catalyses partnership between the story & writer, story & producer and aims for the final story-writer-producer fit so that the project is pushed to advanced stages of development with a writer-producer team. The selection process ensures that writers are matched with stories that most align with their writing style, preferred genre and interest. The structure of Creator[rooms] allows us to work with the shortlisted writers through short workshops held to arrive at which story has most potential and assign writers who are the best fit for the said story. If a shortlisted writer has reservations about the project, in that case, another project from the story bank will be identified for them.
  • I am a producer, how can I be part of the program?
    We invite you to write to us at We would like to share story pitches at early development stages with producers who may be interested in championing the project and in commissioning the writers and / or the writers’ room selected at the program.
  • Is there a fee to be paid to be part of this program?
    Writers who are shortlisted will be invited to be part of the short workshops where they will be introduced to the curated stories. Only shortlisted writers will be asked to pay a nominal application fee after the first round of review. The onboarding fee is Rs 5,000 Indian rupees plus applicable taxes. There is no waiver for the application fee and is non refundable. Beyond the onboarding fee, there are no more costs to be incurred by the writer.
  • What does the Creator[rooms] aim to achieve?
    We aim to produce the highest quality of writing by inculcating the spirit and ethics of working in a highly collaborative space of a writers’ room.
  • How will this work? Who are the peers & mentors?
    Our annual goal is to curate 3-5 scripted / unscripted stories. These stories will be selected based on the annual theme of the program. This will involve 3 mentors, 10 screenwriters and the organizing team of 3-5 people. Once the writers are selected we will share details on peers. Mentors will be announced closer to the opening of the program.
  • How many hours do I have to devote to this?
    Our writers will need to commit 3-5 months of their time. The work through these months will be staggered with considerable one week gaps in between to factor in personal & professional engagements.
  • Describe what this infrastructure is? Is it all digital? in person?
    A hybrid onsite & online model will ensure that writing work on all projects commences with the help of the customized development roadmap tailored for each team and project. The onsite model includes a residency the details for which will be shared closer to the first cycle of the program.
  • Why is it taking you long to reply to my emails?
    Owing to a considerable number of submissions we may be unable to respond immediately but, be assured you will receive an answer from us.
  • Who is the main point of contact for submissions?
    You may reach out to with submission related queries only.
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