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The ProducerLAND group of Mentors and Experts come from diverse backgrounds and are global leaders in the industry. They are committed to providing support and guidance to the participants of our residencies helping them achieve their career and project goals. 


ProducerLAND brings together a range of global experts from India, Asia, and Europe who deeply engage with every programme, participant and their projects. Their skilled mentorship along with the resources and networking opportunities provided by ProducerLAND has been key in accelerating many early stage projects towards their realisation. 


Our panel of mentors and experts provided the 6 participating producers with global expertise and support, as well as the information and individual feedback they require to maximize their project’s potential. The mentors were key in defining their vision and position their projects at an early stage.

ProducerLAND 2021

50 Global Experts from Europe, India, South Asia and SouthEast Asia, engaged with ProducerLAND 2021 Participants via live & online sessions, to enable meaningful learning and forge deeper connections.

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