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Nayanika Chatterjee

Nayanika is an animator, illustrator, and storyteller from India. She is a recent animation graduate at the Royal College of Art in London. Nayanika is one of the ten awardees of the Black British and POC Grant 2021.

She pursued a BA in political science after which her interest in social and political narratives grew as a Fellow at the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University. She created photo stories, documentaries, and animated news explainers as a multimedia journalist at ThePrint. in. She has worked as a motion graphics designer for advertising campaigns.

She has been featured on Gal-Dem, Content Free, and Homegrown. in. She is also a contributing author-illustrator for a graphic novel anthology by RCA students called ‘Sanitiser on Toast’.

In her free time, she loves to annoy her dog, Stark and attempts impossible CrossFit workouts.


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