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Producing as

the Next Step

A transformative residency in Goa for experienced professionals to take the next step in their career and venture into long format producing. Participants get an in-depth understanding of creative producing, with focused interactive sessions and masterclasses. The residency gives the opportunity to gain valuable insights from home grown case-studies and individual stories and also to build access to a strong community of peers, alumni and industry experts to open new doors. Participants interact with Industry Experts and craft their own journeys while taking the time to pause, think, and introspect about where they are and where they want to be. Producing as the Next Step has had two successful editions and is now gearing up for a third edition in Monsoon 2024

Scale Up

Scale Up Your Production House is designed to help producers prioritize growth and take their production house to the next level. Across two modules Producers interact with industry leaders and experts, learn from their experiences and receive business strategies, legal and creative advice from the best in the industry. In the in-person module in Mumbai, the focus is on Business strategies, helping producers gain an understanding of structuring finances and demystify what can seem like a complex commercial-legal landscape. In the online module that follows, producers go in-depth into understanding how to build a creative slate, diversifying projects at different stages and financing overheads, pitching the production house and its USP while balancing their personal life and mental health.


A premium learning and project acceleration program for innovative producers, giving them access to global expertise and resources to optimize their project outcomes. The program has three modules. Module 1 is a 7-day intensive residency program focusing on the key areas of - Creative Producing, Impact Producing, and Positioning. In module 2, Producers deepen their understanding of narrative structures, and their writers are given an opportunity to learn about markets and audience behavior. In the last module, Producers pitch their project to a panel of mentors, industry experts and potential collaborators.

Pitch Perfect 

An online programme with global pitching expert Stefano Tealdi, and producers Céline Loop and Mathivanan Rajendran to transform story ideas to a high-impact memorable pitch. A one of a kind opportunity to learn how to build and present an effective pitch for yourself and the project you are  working on. Masterclasses, exercises, discussions and first-hand feedback from mentors and peers to equip producers and creators to make effective oral pitches and design impactful pitch decks.


The first residency design by ProducerLAND in 2021.

The residency empowered South Asian producers in early-to-mid stages of their careers to deal with the intricacies of international co-production and bring them at par with producers around the world. Module 1 of the program entailed a 14 day immersive program at Goa, forging deep learning and widened understanding.


In Module 2, participants got a deeper insight into Advanced Co-Productions and Content Development for Episodic Non-fiction producing. Module 3 was a 5 day online pitching workshop followed by a final pitch to a panel of industry leaders.

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