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Our intention is to identify those Producers from the South Asian region, who are looking to maximise their potential in producing native for global film projects content, as well as, aspire to actively engage with our shared community of Global Influencers and Experts.



Global aspiration, cultural rootedness, motivation and past experience are some of the parameters that shall influence our selection of an applicant for the program.

As the program has been developed to meet the needs of those South Asian Film Producers, who are looking to maximise their potential in producing native-for-global projects,  we would prefer the applicant ...

  • is a resident of any country from the South Asian region,

  • has Producing Credits* in

minimum-1 Feature Film (Fiction/ Non-Fiction)


1-TV/ Web-show


2-Short Films,

*[Producer, Co-producer, Executive Producer, Associate Producer, Line Producer]



If an applicant does not have any past producing credits, then may showcase an existing/ wip project. Exceptions will vary on a case by case basis, depending on the profile of the applicant & submission.

two-step SELECTION

In order to be selected as a Participants, applying Producers shall have to complete the following—

  • Submission of a Written Application, which shall be evaluated based on past work, motivation, aspiration and potential in the context of producing Native-for-Global Film & Content projects.

  • An Interview Round, where each of our 30 pre-selected applicants shall have one-on-one sessions of 45 minutes with the program director.


There is NO APPLICATION FEE for the ProducerLAND 2021 program.

If selected, the participation fee shall be INR 1,25,000 (excl. GST)

  • This fee is inclusive of full board accommodation, but excludes the participant's travel-to-Goa expenses.

  • The fee is inclusive of a lifetime access to Storiculture's networking community of Native-for-Global expertise.

  • Select participants shall receive a further scholarship based on merit.

Call for Entry   

January 20, 2021

Application Deadline  

February 18, 2021 at 23:59 IST

Preselection Announcements  

February 26, 2021

Interview—pre-selected applicants

March 01 — 05, 2021

Final Announcement

March 08, 2021

Residency Workshop

March 22, 2021

Second Module (Online)  

April 20 — 24, 2021

Third Module (Online)

June 14 — 18, 2021

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Incase you have any additional queries regarding the application or selection process, please visit our comprehensive FAQ section.

If you require any further assistance, please feel free to email us at ...

Ready to Apply?

Before you hit the Apply button, please keep the following ready to complete your application:

  • Photograph

      (Size - 2x2 inch, Resolution - 72dpi)

      (jpg format, no larger than 1024 kb)

  • Four short sentences as to why you want to be a part of ProducerLAND 2021

  • Latest version of your CV (selections at past workshops, film credits & projects in development)

  • Short video of 3 minutes, telling us about your journey as a Producer, your aspirations and challenges.

  • a private link to a clip (max. 3 mins) of a film or the name of a film you worked on and share your contribution to that scene or to the film as a whole as a Producer.

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