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Frequently asked questions

Application & Eligibility

How do I apply?

To know about our process for application and selection, click here

What are the eligibility criteria?

You should be above 18 years of age, proficient in English (since the medium of instruction will be English) and should be from and/or residing in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar.

What will be the selection process?

Applications will be reviewed by an internal jury on a continuing basis. Once we've received your application form, you may expect to hear from us before 26th February, 2021. If selected, the candidate will be invited to an interview for a final round of shortlisting.

Am I eligible to apply if I am South Asian by birth but currently residing elsewhere?

Yes, you are eligible to apply.

If I am a non-fiction producer, will such a program be suitable for me?

Yes, most of the sessions will be applicable to Non-Fiction producing too.

I don't have much experience. Does that affect my chances of being selected in the program?

We encourage you to apply. Your application will definitely be considered and you have chances of being selected as the selection process includes criteria such as 'motivation' to be part of ProducerLAND among other parameters. The selection process is unbiased, please send in your application if you are convinced this program adds value to your career as a producer.

Can I make changes to my submitted application before the deadline? Can I update or add something to my entry?

We encourage you to submit your application before the deadline however, you will be unable to update or add to your application once submitted.

Is it possible to get an extension on the deadline? What’s the absolute final deadline?

The final deadline for application is 15th February, 2021. Any extension on the deadline will be updated on the official ProducerLAND website and our official social media accounts.

How will I be notified about acceptance or rejection?

You can expect to hear from us before 26th February, 2021 regarding the status of your application.

Why should I apply?

ProducerLAND is designed to be a high-value, 4-month long training journey divided into an offline and online module. The offline module consists of a 2-week immersive residency in Goa, India, which shall cover all aspects of Creative Producing and International Co-Production, across 7 modules conducted by 40 global experienced professionals. This will be followed by 4 elective online modules, customised to your area of interest and preferred specialisation areas. Additionally, ​you will be mentor​ed​ by experienced specialists to address your individual aspirations. Towards the end of the programme, you will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas or projects to a group of professionals from the industry.

After the 4 month journey, you will become a part of the ProducerLAND alumni with lifetime access to Storiculture's Global Network of Film and Content Expertise.

Fees & Payment

Is there any application fee?

There is no application fee.

Is there any participation fee?

Yes, the fee amount is INR 1,25,000 inclusive of the training, single-room accommodation, food, and internal transport for the 14 days of the residency. A key intention of the residential training program is to facilitate opportunities for networking and peer to peer interactions - all participants will be housed within the same venue to fulfill this intent.

Can I pay the fee in installments?

Yes, if selected, you can pay the amount in installments with the below split - 50% by March 10th
25% by April 10th
25% by May 10th

Does the program offer scholarship/ grant/ support?

Select participants will receive a scholarship on merit.


Will I have to get myself there, or will you provide transportation?

Airport and local transfers to and fro the residency will be provided to you. Flights and visas will have to be arranged by you.

What precautions will be taken for Covid-19 at the residency? Will I be safe?

We will be taking daily temperature checks, ensuring regular sanitisation & will have a doctor on call who will be available for emergencies. All precautions will be taken to ensure safety of the participants.

Will the venue be disabled friendly?


Can I take a day off during residency?

Unless you have an emergency, we encourage you to not skip any days of the residency.

Can I come with my spouse/children?

Due to the formal structure of the residency only registered and selected participants may apply with no spouse or family.