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“Great producers imagine bigger stories” 

ProducerLAND is a producer-focused training & networking program for film and series producing professionals in South Asia. 

Our curriculum and specialised learning programs, delivered through a diverse network of expertise, is designed to EMPOWER producers with leading edge knowledge tools to successfully produce native stories with global potential.

We bring producers TOGETHER and offer immersive formal training, exposure & global networking opportunities. 

Define Your Audience | Strategise for Impact | Tell Original Stories | Gain Global Exposure



8 South Asian producers with projects (Film or Series | Fiction or Non-Fiction) will be selected to work closely with international mentors on shaping their project for global audiences and impact.

1-week residency in Goa, India tailored for experienced producers, followed by a 4 month Project Accelerator Program (delivered online and offline), designed for teams of Producer-Writer(s).

100 hours over 4 months customised to your project with 1 on 1 engagement with industry experts to enable tactical validation and supercharge your path forward. 

The Program concludes with producers presenting their project pitches to experts, financiers and potential co-producers. 
Your selection to the Program gives you on-going access to an active alumni, peers & experts network.

Early 2022
February to April 2022
May 2022
June 2022
July 2022 to
September 2022
October 2022

Shortlisted nominees will receive an invitation to apply to the program.

November 2022

Selection Process

Customization of  the program to align with the selected producers profiles & projects

Nominees can select a project (film or series) to apply with and prepare their application

Final Selection Announcement

One week residency takes place in Goa

Accelerator Program starts virtually for a period of 4 months

February 2023

 Final Pitch event

ProducerLAND’s Country Program is a producer specific, region focused program tailored to address needs of native  producers in South Asia & South East Asia to accelerate growth, skills & open up networking opportunities.

The program will empower creative producers with knowledge and access to tell
UNIQUE NATIVE STORIES and maximise their impact. 

Reach out to bring ProducerLAND to your country.


ProducerLAND Short Cohorts are focused and intensive expertise-building programs open to media and entertainment professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and application in the specific area.

The cohorts will be delivered through a combination of online and offline mediums over the course of 3 to 5 days and impart leading edge industry best practices.

Upcoming Cohorts

Go to Market Strategy | April 2022
Legal & IP Protection | May 2022 onwards 

Register your interest at no cost & we’ll notify you when the course is available.

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