A Transmedia Accelerator for Bold & Original Creators from South Asia.



root.ax is an accelerator designed to dramatically maximize the potential of your media projects through mentorship, networks & financial support.

Working across film, series, audio, journalism, art & culture, we position your projects to the audience & industry, deepen its impact, and extend its IP across formats.

All this while fostering what makes it most valuable: you, the creator.

Our MAKE programs are for creators who want to work on their craft and dive deeper into their projects.

For our first-ever MAKE program - MAKE a Myth we are turning our focus to the world of Genre Cinema.

MAKE a Myth is A Genre Lab for Horror, Fantasy and Mythological films

where 8 writers & creative producers can hone the skills necessary to create impactful Genre Cinema. Every project will attend a series of meetings with Script Consultants, Genre specialists, Artists & Producers with special attention on world building, character development & writing for multi-modal IP development.

In a final culmination of the program, you will present your project through curated meetings to industry delegates & decision makers.


Who is MAKE A MYTH for?

We are here for writers, directors and creative producers who are involved with Genre projects in Early Development across South Asia.


Application to MAKE A MYTH is by nomination only. 
If you would like to be nominated register your interest here


Submission Deadline:

4th February


10th February

Lab Dates (Virtual):

21st to 26th February
Follow up sessions in March & April


Our BRIDGE programs are for creators who want to shape a distinct identity for their projects and gain greater visibility in the industry.

For our first-ever BRIDGE program - South BRIDGE we invited creators from South India with projects at an advanced stage of development across film and series originating from Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu (and the diaspora).

Candidates were taken through a series of sessions with special attention paid to audience understanding, pitching & positioning. In a final culmination of the program, projects were presented through curated meetings to industry delegates & decision makers.

Application to South BRIDGE is now closed. 

If you would like to be waitlisted for any of our future cohorts register your interest here



We understand that the development phase of any media project is the most challenging. If you are invited to attend the accelerator you will have the choice to pay the fees upfront or we will invest the fees of the program on your behalf which will be recoupable upon the project being greenlit.

root.ax TEAM

A program customised for publishers, platforms and studios
to work seamlessly with an international network of mentors and a community of creators with best-in-class creative development tools and processes.

The core of our offering rests in Identifying Story – Audience fit for Content, Creating IP extension strategies and Impact design based on audience affinity.


for more details contact mathivanan@thestoriculturecompany.com