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PL 2022

is a curated training & networking program for visionary producers from South Asia who dare to dream.

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We believe great producers imagine bigger stories. Our focused curriculum and bespoke learning programs, delivered through a diverse network of expertise, keep the PRODUCER at its centre. It is designed to endow producers with the best-in-class knowledge tools and unparalleled access to networks that facilitate native stories with global potential.


We harness the power of the cohort through

immersive training


1 on 1 mentoring


global positioning


network accelerators


Define Your Objective

Strategize For Impact

Tell Original Stories

Achieve Global Success


March – June 2021

Empowering South Asian producers in early-to-mid stages of their careers to deal with the intricacies of international co-production and bring them at par with producers around the world.

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January – May 2023

6 visionary producers with outstanding projects were selected for ProducerLAND Ascent 2023. Over 3 modules of customised group & individual sessions, participants will develop their films/series for international markets.

Deep Dive
Coming Soon

A brand new year-round offering for early to emerging producers in the South Asian region.

Applications for the next edition of ProducerLAND Ascent to open in September 2023

ProducerLAND Country Program

A region focused program tailored to address needs of native producers in South Asia & South East Asia to accelerate growth, skills & open up networking opportunities.

The program will empower creative producers with knowledge and access to tell UNIQUE NATIVE STORIES, facilitate cross-border market access and maximize their impact.

Reach out to bring ProducerLAND to your country.


Producers' WEAVE | A dialogue in collaboration with Storiculture World that intends to bring producers from South Asia & South East Asia together in a jam designed to start meaningful conversations, keeping in mind our cultural affinity, unique histories & storytelling narratives.


Be a part of our community/network of inspiring and visionary producers.

#ProducerLAND community

A network of dynamic/versatile producers from South Asia

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Celine Loop

Program Director

Global industry experts from South Asia, Europe, South East Asia and North America

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Deepthi Pendurty

Program Manager


Aastha Singh

Associate Producer

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The Storicutlure Company 2023

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