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We  develop film & series projects centered around the theme of  Women & Identity.

A space for South Asian screenwriters to write powerful and fearless stories adapted from reportage, literature and art.

Women  &  Identity

Narratives exploring themes around gender and social identity in South Asia.

We are looking for stories, characters and worlds at the crossroads of feminism and anthropology; mental health and identity; gender and race; sexuality and class. We encourage you to find stories in places strange and known, in silences and conversations retold, in nooks and crannies. 

What? / Vision

Empower writers' to produce content originating from true stories that provoke conversations and impact society positively. 
We want to develop stories that raise questions,
change the discourse around on-screen gender portrayals and cause a shift in the status quo. 

How? / Process

The rooms are closely guarded spaces that offer creators - time, direction and mentorship.

Creator rooms projects are positioned for success by aligning financial & creative partnerships between subject-screenwriter-producer at story curation stage. 
Over 3-6 months, writers/writing teams receive tailored development support from industry advisors, research partners and story consultants. 
Each writing team is empowered to accomplish the
development roadmap customized for them. 

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Why? / Outcome

 To create, produce and write intelligent, sensitive and stirring narratives. 

Creator[rooms] aims to provide much-needed infrastructure to South Asian writers to develop stories with global resonance. The curation of projects and their development models will impact the perception of gender realities on the page. 


Selected writers/writing teams in the feature[room] will receive continuous support and advance from a 1st draft stage to a pitch-ready screenplay. 


The series[room] will see writing teams advance from a treatment stage to a polished pilot episode and professional series bible.  

*Do note that the above mentioned points are illustrative and not exhaustive.

How to apply?

Our application will entail a 3-stage process- 2 assignments concluding with a personal interview. 

Applications are now closed.

Who can apply?

If you are drawn to themes of social change, ecofeminism, body horror, explorations around identity & sexuality, power dynamics - this is right up your alley. 


Creator[rooms] by design is meant for promising and experienced screenwriters who prove their merit through past work and make it through the application process. 


1. Writers, writing teams and directors are welcome to apply. 

2. Solo as well as writing teams (of a maximum of 3 members) are encouraged to apply. 

3. Writers must be citizens or originally of South Asian descent. 

4. Past credit on a film/TV show is preferred but not mandatory. 

5. Applicants should be above 18 years of age.

What is in it for us? 

As a development program we will expect a credit + service fee based on our contribution to the project. 



Sruti Lodha


Pooja Mohite

Apoorva Jaiswal

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