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One Night, The same mysterious dream

occurred to Us Two,

Terrifying us to the core,

like a bolt out of the Blue.

That Grim nightmare has now turned into a recurrent sight; Our meeting with THE


an unusual invite.



Our encounters reveal their unfathomable desire:

To exist once again!

To survive, to thrive,

and to find a way to be alive.


As time went by, THEY trusted us more.

A secret THEY shared.

Their mission, to us they declared.

“Bring me a hundred, of those who believe.

Those who want me to live, breathe & perceive.”


So began our Quest for their Revival...

Freedom to the Captured Souls and Stories, 

an initiative led by Mixie and Avino with the DJINNS.

We found our first believer on our mission, but need 19 more to access the next key.

Are you one of the few called by THEM?

Prove your faith and tell us how you can contribute to this mission.


 Signal to us 

 Tell us more about you: 

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