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PL 2022

ProducerLAND is a curated training & networking program for visionary producers from South Asia who dare to dream.

We believe great producers imagine bigger stories. Our focussed curriculum and bespoke learning programs, delivered through a diverse network of expertise, keeps the PRODUCER at its center. It is designed to endow producers with the best in class knowledge tools and unparalleled access to networks that facilitate native stories with global potential.

We harness the power of the cohort through immersive training, 1 on 1 mentoring, global positioning & networking accelerators. 

Define Your Objective | Strategize For Impact | Tell Original Stories | Achieve Global Success
A blueprint for your Native Content to create Global Impact

8 South Asian visionary producers with outstanding projects (Film or Series | Fiction or Non-Fiction) will be selected via nomination. They will work closely with international mentors to untap the highest potential of their early-mid development projects, and position them for international markets eager for stories with meaningful impact. 

The program begins with a weeklong immersive Residency in Goa, India, addressing Positioning, Creative Producing and Impact followed by a tailored Project Accelerator (delivered online), where Producers will have the opportunity to invite their writer(s) and/or director teams (max 2)

The program concludes with Producers presenting their Project Pitches to a panel of international experts, financiers and potential co-producers. 


70 hours over 4 months dedicated to chosen projects.     

1 on 1 mentoring by international industry experts.

Strategize and position your work among the world's best.


1-on-1's with Nominated Participants to discuss Projects and understand their needs


Aug - Sep '22

Customization of the program to align with the selected Producers & Projects


Final Pitch event


May '23

Online Project


March '23


April '23

Need based Optional module 


Jan - Feb '23

One week Residency

 in Goa


Sep - Oct '22

Application Process

Nov - Dec '22


ProducerLAND Deep Dive | Focused and intensive expertise-building online programs open to media and entertainment professionals who’re looking to deepen their understanding and application in a specific area.

The cohorts will be delivered online over the course of 3 to 5 days and impart leading edge, industry best practices. 

ProducerLAND Country Program | A region focused program tailored to address needs of native producers in South Asia & South East Asia to accelerate growth, skills & open up networking opportunities.

The program will empower creative producers with knowledge and access to tell UNIQUE NATIVE STORIES, facilitate cross-border market access and maximize their impact. 

Reach out to bring ProducerLAND to your country.

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Producers' WEAVE | A dialogue in collaboration with Storiculture World that intends to bring producers from South Asia & South East Asia together in a jam designed to start meaningful conversations, keeping in mind our cultural affinity, unique histories & storytelling narratives.

ProducerLAND Podcast | A critical pain but a crucial necessity is for a Producer to understand legal contracts. 

An invigorating conversation between an independent producer, Céline Loop and an entertainment lawyer, Amshula Prakash helps producers decipher legal concepts, enable them with knowledge and give them an edge in any negotiation. 



Céline Loop


Deepthi Pendurty

Program Director, ProducerLAND

Program Manager, ProducerLAND


Naina Punwani

Program Coordinator, ProducerLAND

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