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South Asia's First ADVANCED program for DYNAMIC film producers

to facilitate Professional Growth & GLOBAL Networking Opportunities

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The Storiculture Company, a ‘Native-for-Global’ Network of Film and Content Expertise, announces the launch of ProducerLAND 2021, the first edition of it's Learning and Network Development Program for Film Producers from South Asia.

Through an online application process, which is now underway, Storiculture shall select 15 Film Producers for an immersive learning exposure and mentoring by a Global Panel of over 40 Experts, to facilitate enhancement of their skills, potential and global networking opportunities.



This Advanced Program is designed to meet the needs of Producers, at early-to-mid stages of their careers, working on Fiction, Documentary and Episodic Content. It intends to enable producers to understand the complexities of International Co-Production and bring them at par with Producers from around the world.

At the end of this program, Participants shall have been empowered with knowledge tools, which would assist them to successfully produce native projects for the global markets. In addition, they shall also become a member of an active producers' alumni for networking opportunities and have on-going access to Storiculture's Global Network of Film and Content Expertise.




ProducerLAND 2021 shall offer a 4-month learning exposure with three distinct program modules —  

comprising of a 2-week Residency in Goa, followed by two online sessions spanning a week each,

which shall be customised to the specific needs of the Participating Producers. 

Module 1 | GOA



As a part of this 2-week immersive residency comprising of 7 immersive learning modules, Participants shall interact with over 40 Global Experts and Guest Faculty members.

These modules shall cover the entire journey of film producing, from project development, through co-production, to marketing and release. They shall contain multiple contemporary case studies and expert insights on global content trends, audience affinity, OTT-development, Pitch & GTM strategies, experience learnings from journeys in Asia and SE Asia, as well as, best-practices in post-production to ensure global quality.

Module 2 | ONLINE



The Participants shall be offered to select elective online modules. Post completion of the residency module, they shall receive an immersive online mentorship, customized to their individual areas of interest and preferred specialisation categories.

They shall choose from the listed modules—

  • Non-Fiction Production

  • Co-productions Level-II

  • Content Development for Episodic Series

  • Multimodal Storytelling

Module 3 | ONLINE


JUNE 14 — JUNE 18

In this final module, Participants shall apply their learnings from earlier modules in creating and delivering an online pitch, on a project of their choice, to a closed group of expert professionals from the industry.  

Select Participants shall also receive a fast track to the Storiculture Accelerator later in the year.

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This unique and immersive program for ProducerLAND 2021 has been designed and developed in collaboration with Global Experts from the Industry.

Celine Loop

Producer & Co-founder of Storiculture

After a formal education in law with a specialisation in IP rights, she has been at the forefront of independent cinema for over a decade and her films have screened at renowned film festivals like Berlin, Sundance, Sitges, Rome and Edinburgh. She is now leveraging her expertise for the next generation of independent international storytellers through Storiculture.



All ProducerLAND Participants shall become a member of an active producers' alumni and shall have on-going access to Storiculture's Global Network of Film and Content Expertise. 

This would mean access to international buyers, producers, mentors, first-look opportunities with projects, fast-track to the Storiculture Accelerator, as well as, other specialised workshops, webinars and development programs.

Tanja Meissner

International Festival Sales Strategist

With an intimate knowledge of all the major festivals and markets, she was appointed for 12+ yrs as the head of sales & acquisition at Memento Films, a high-end arthouse and cutting-edge genre sales agency, designated to accompany and curating high-profile, director driven projects. Since Jan 2020, she works as an independent consultant.

Marc Irmer

International Producer

Ace producer since 2008 and member of the French Independent Producers’ Union (SPI), he was president of the French PROCIREP development fund in 2017, member of the CNC Cinema du monde commission and member of the North of France Regional commission from 2014 - 2018, as well as Media Expert for the European Commission.


This year, the guest faculty shall consist of 40 Global Experts from Europe, India, South Asia and South East Asia, who shall engage with ProducerLAND Participants via live online sessions, interactive teams, online meets and fireside conversations to enable meaningful conversations and forge deeper connections.


APPLY TO  Producerland

Applications are now closed for the 2021 program.

In case you have any queries or doubts regarding our program or application process,

please visit our comprehensive FAQ section.

If you require any further assistance, please feel free to email us at...