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Where South Asia's most original creators come together

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Since 2021, SC.W has supported South Asian Creators and Professionals in the space of films, series, and transmedia through access to networks, resources, and programs for their career and creative journeys. 


As we build an authentic and empowering community that reflects the ever-changing world we live in, our creators continue to push the boundaries of creativity in Media with fearlessness and innovation.

Bringing South Asian creators together in a space designed to begin a dialogue and meaningful conversations, keeping in mind our cultural affinity, unique histories & storytelling narratives.

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Behind the Scenes:

A Closer Look at South Asian Women in Screenwriting

By Storiculture World

Examining cultural happenings, highlighting opportunities & gaps in emerging cultural trends in media. Each digital report is crafted into narratives based on deep research that is both informative, and pertinent to the world we live in.

Masterclasses, Networking events, Mock Pitches, Film Screenings, Sharing Circles, and Peer Interactions virtually for SC.W Members and in person at our office in Aldona, Goa.


With the intention to amplify and foster the growth of creators at SC.W, this showcase celebrates inspiring work across art, culture, and entertainment.

Watch this space for more incredible work coming up.

Chanakya V.
Nayanika C.
Visual Artist
Anusha R.
Maaria S.

Tarana R.


Game Designer


Whether you want to collaborate with us or tell us about your creative journey - our doors are always open.

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Sonia Parekh

Sneha Nair

Lead | Storiculture World

Coordinator | Storiculture World

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